Combines antioxidant ingredients that help the skin slowly regenerate. Rose water, retinol and glycolic acid combine with the natural power of hemp and the coffee-fruit extract, to restore the skin to its fresh and healthy appearance.

Factors that make a difference:

  • Prescribed by doctors.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants and natural ingredients.
  • Ideal for refreshing and renovating the skin.
  • Contains nanotechnology for faster, long-lasting action, and higher absorption. Nanotechnology improves the hemp-oil’s absorption and bio-availability up to 8 times more. Allows for a more constant dispensing of hemp doses to the skin, thus optimizing health benefits and creating homeostasis (balance).
  • Contains organic, THC-free hemp.
  • Not tested on animals, Paraben and fragrance free, and non-GMO.
  • BPA-free container, and airless system that assures antioxidants protection.
  • Made in the USA, at an FDA-inspected facility, with good manufacturing practices.

Indications for use: Shake well before use. Use at night. Clean face as you usually do. Dry it. Place a small amount of lotion in your hands. Apply it with a gentle massage on face, neck and neckline, avoiding eye area. Test on a small area before using. In order to protect our antioxidant ingredients we use airless packages, which is why it is likely that you would have to pump several times the first time for the contents to come out.

Contents: 2.82 oz (80 g)

Packaging unit: 1 box with 12 units.

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