Yanapanaku, a Quechua Word that translates mutual help,

we take abroad a little piece of our country, generating progress, development and prosperity in indigenous communities, artisans, and companies that use our raw material of origin for making their products.

With Yanapanaku we were able to transfer the flavor, aroma and origin of the land to millions of people, connecting memorable moments with a sense of identity and pride, and sharing with the world exclusive products with a high social sense.

Discover how this mutual help gets to your hands to connect memories, good moments, and emotions.

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When you get one of our mochilas, you are getting a millenary history weaved by indigenous artisans from the Cauca department (state) in Colombia under different conditions of vulnerability.

Each mochila is a universe full of life experiences where the artistic expression, the spirituality, the view of the world and the identity of each territory is evident; a cultural legacy of the ancestors that preserves their techniques and all the cosmogony of their peoples through a real masterpiece.