We market and distribute all kinds of products, serving as a link to boost expansion markets. We have a diverse, direct and competitive product portfolio that responds to world trends, reflecting in each of our brands the company’s innovative stamp.

Our brands

With Tubito (little tube), sweet fun came to stay. A brand with a child spirit, funny and joyful, that invites us to relive the best of our sweet childhood. The neighborhood friends we grew up with, the adventures and pranks, our first kiss, the love with which our parents prepared our lunch pad for school, those unforgettable playtime breaks, and the great friends we still preserve.

Tubito is the perfect condensed-milk measure that brings out our inner child and transports us to the sweetest moments of our lives.

At the heart of Colombia, in the city of Armenia, Quindío, since 1992 the world’s mildest coffee is grown with love and dedication by farmers and peasants in mountainous terrains.

Café Quindío is hand-picked and sorted with special techniques that arouse its aroma and flavor, qualities that have granted it great prestige among coffee-tasting experts.

Medicinal plants are known worldwide for their natural properties that help us relieve, prevent, and treat certain health problems. Since ancestral times indigenous ethnic groups used all this knowledge to extract essential elements from a great variety of medicinal plants; and they specialized in their combination to prepare infusions, syrups, oils and lotions that we still use up to this time for our wellbeing.

It is from this knowledge, and supported on ethical and responsible research, that Biowellness is born: a complete line of natural, nutritious, and cosmetic products affording all the power of medicinal plants for the different vital, active, and healthy lifestyles.


A wine collection to enjoy at any occasion, full of charmful fruity colors and notes, made using traditional winemaking techniques internationally awarded.

Rediscover the world of wines with this select line representing tradition and avant-garde, to enjoy with many varieties that will enhance your experience.